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Marble Terrazzo Cleaning Dallas TX and Tile Cleaning Dallas Texas

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Marble Terrazzo Cleaning Dallas TX and Tile Cleaning Dallas Texas


MARBLELIFE is the largest stone, tile & grout restoration and maintenance company in the country, with quality location in Dallas Texas.



There is virtually nothing you can do to your marble, granite or terrazzo that MARBLELIFE cannot fix, repair or restore.  Whether you need to remove a dull or worn spot, repair a chip or crack, eliminate water marks or etches, or complete some periodic sealing or polishing maintenance, MARBLELIFE delivers.  Seeking to restore a terrazzo floor, complete a historic renovation, or simply seeking to return the natural luster and beauty to your marble or granite? 


  • Dallas Tile & Grout Cleaning uses high-pressure steam or water to dissolve and physically remove any surface dirt or grime from the top of your dirt and grout.  If your surface has been sealed after installation and every other year after, this may be all you need.   
  • COLORSeal is a grout seal that has been colored to match you specific grout.  In fact, MARBLELIFE’s COLORSeal is available in more than 270 different colors, based on the grout manufacturer’s colors. For professioanl tile cleaning and marble polishing in Dallas, Texas give us a call.

 MARBLELIFE Offers the Following Stone, Tile and Grout Restoration, Repair and Care Services in Dallas, Texas:



Tile cleaning Dallas, replacement, Installation and repair Services Include:  Tile cleaning, Tile replacement, Tile Installation and Tile Repair Dallas.






Everything you need to keep your ceramic and porcelain grout, tile and floor surfaces looking brand new.” 

When considering how best to care for your ceramic and porcelain tile sanded grout it is important to understand what services and options are available to you.  These can range from a DALLAS tile grout cleaning company offering grout repairs, and grout sealing.  Similarly it is important to understand the difference between a clear and a color seal.  Each of these services are offered by MARBLELIFE, and each has its place, but none are panaceas or one-size fits all solutions.   


MARBLELIFE provides Dallas, Texas residents and businesses cost effective techniques to clean, restore and polish marble, granite, terrazzo, ceramic and porcelain surfaces to become the fastest growing Stone, Tile & Grout Dallas care company in the country.  When it comes to marble polishing, granite polishing and tile and grout cleaning services in Dallas, no one does more than MARBLELIFE.


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100 Main Street
Dallas, Texas 76092

Phone: 817-318-5679

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